R-Andro: 200mg per Serving / 30 Servings
R-Andro: 200mg per Serving / 30 Servings

R-Andro: 200mg per Serving / 30 Servings

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R-Andro or 5-DHEA is a powerful thermogenic agent that helps to promote fat loss during a calorie restricted diet. 5-DHEA is also an excellent choice for cutting because it has good muscle sparing properties. 5-DHEA converts to testosterone at a rate of about 1%, but it has high conversion to 5-androstenediol, which is responsible for its mild androgenic and anabolic effects. R-Andro is an excellent choice for those who are looking to cut body fat and improve their overall physique. Its partial conversion to DHT also enhances the hard, dry look that bodybuilders desire. 

R-Andro is a naturally-occurring steroid hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands. It is a potent androgen, which means that it can promote the development of male sex characteristics. Although R-Andro has moderate estrogenic effects, it can but rarely does produce undesirable side effects such as gyno or hair loss. R-Andro is also known to have neurosteroid activity, which means that it can affect brain function. Some users have reported feeling anxious or sleepless when taking R-Andro, but this effect is also often reported as "motivational energy." Overall, R-Andro is a safe and effective way to boost testosterone levels and improve overall health.

WARNING! BioMuscle Labs LLC products are very powerful and dosed at the top end of what is recommended and should never be used by anyone under 25. It is extremely important that you consult your Doctor prior to using these products. Getting bloodwork done before and after a cycle is best to ensure hormones return to their natural levels. Post cycle Therapy and Cycle Support is recommended with all of our Prohormones. The statements about this product are taken from online references and BioMuscle Labs LLC does not claim that these products WILL do what the research shows. Results are dependent on the user. BioMuscle Labs LLC does not claim that this product will cure, treat or prevent any medical condition and cannot be held liable for the use of our products. Our products are not to be used without a Doctors consent and oversight.

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